June 24th, we met at the airport at 3am, 41 of us. That's alot to take any where, especially the capitol city of Honduras. We must be crazy. On top of that, we prepared for months setting up the ministry and logistics and the truth is, this year's trip is easy. In years past we oversaw trips with as many as 150. Some we knew, most we didn't and making arrangements for that many in another country is not easy.
Back to the airport, all is going as usual when while they are processing passports, the man stops, looks and says "Who is Kathryn? Her passport expires in 60 days, she can't go." They explain to us that all travelers to Honduras must have at least 90 days left on their passport to ensure they are going to return home. They tell us there is nothing they can do short of a new passport. We rebook her ticket for Sunday (it's Friday) and tell us we are wasting our time. We wind up digging up info and having Kathryn rush to Atlanta (4 hours away) and she arrived on Sunday! God is faithful. We had so many people tell us it wouldn't happen, but we knew better.
On the flight down we encountered a number of different mission teams all going to do work in Honduras. As we encountered them and talked about our trips, they were always awestruck that we were going to work in Tegucigalpa. Every team we encountered was going to work in outlying villages to work in remote areas but we were excited about being where all the people were!
So, even though I have been on so many different trips, each one stands out so vividly. This trip was no exception. To start out the trip we had storms rip through the area and leave tens of thousands without power. We had no power for the 3 days leading to the trip which made for alot of fun packing a family of 5 including a 20 month old for an 1 day trip and doing it with no AC and by candlelight! Not to mention more tornadoes when we were leaving for the airport which made for more fun than you can imagine loading the van for the airport.
But, it was an awesome trip! Here are some of the things that stand out to me.
Our 2nd day we went to an awesome church. The Pastor buses in young people. Most of which no nothing of religion and treat church more like a rocking good time. He does 4 services on a Sunday and they got wilder and wilder as the night wore on. I have been involved in tamer mosh pits at rock shows. Anyways, at the first service several of us prayed for a man who was blind in one eye. God did something and that guy could see. He was pumped . He grabbed the mic telling everyone he could see! He yelled out colors and this dude was on fire. As we boarded the bus, I saw him standing alone on the street corned, tears in his eyes, looking up at anything and everything. It was truly a thing I will take with me.

Man, that still hits me weeks later. In fact, I realized that I have so many stories that I need to do another blog. This trip was awesome. I think I could write a blog about each day, or each picture or about each person that was on our team. Man, I can't wait for next year. I hope you go with us.

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