Summer is a blur.

7/21/2011 11:11:40


Our church's summer schedule for 2011 has been ridiculous. We have had on the calendar our home-school graduation, a homecoming, VBS, 2 camps, 2 mission trip, and before school starts back we host the national conference for our affiliation. All of this is in addition to all the regular meetings and normal day to day activities. If you love students and are considering youth ministry, ask yourself, "Am I willing to give up my summers?". If the answer is "No" then might I recommend  a career in public school education. Youth Ministry is ALL about the summer.

When I think about summer, I imagine water balloons. I know, I know, most people think about BBQs and fireworks, not me, I am a Youth Pastor.

School had been out not even a week and we loaded the bus for Camp. Now, camp doesn't just happen. It takes weeks of planning, shopping and beating money out of kids. I know the best places to buy glow bracelets, slime and sodas. If you need to know, ask. I feel ashamed that I am the only ministry at our church with a line item on the budget for potted meat, but hey, it's camp. Anyways... We had all the logistics ready and took 90 of us to camp at Camp Bethel in Wise, VA. It's great they cook for us and allow us to use facilities but give us the ability to provide our own games and ministry. It's a cool place with a man-made lake with a zip-line, slide, rings and a BLOB. You don't know what a blob is?

That's our camp. It's awesome. Back to water balloons. I love them. I think everyone should be pelted. You know, we take kids from 11-18 to camp and it's our middle ground. It's where we see eye to eye, well, that and shaving cream.
You know, the thing is. Camp is fun. It's intense and we laugh and get bruised then we come together and love God and each other. We manage to get muddy and have fun but also get dirty in our cabin devotions and ministry times about who we are. We talk about Jesus and his love. I think the big difference in church is that we are bruised by each other emotionally, never laugh and wonder why it's so easy to walk away from what is supposed to be our family. I wish we could have this much fun as adults, I also wish we could love each other this much.

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